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Red River Waldorf

Supporting your child

The Involvement of Home and Family   

We believe your child's education is a collaboration between home and Red River. Together we form a strong community.

We have no external funding and all our staff offer a portion of their time and skills for free so that children from all walks of life can benefit from our financial accessibility.

We regularly celebrate the Festivals of the year at which children take part in plays, presentations and performances. These events are important milestones in the children's development and the cycle of the year. Parent participation at these occasions is part of your commitment to the school community.

Regular meetings between class teacher/guardian and parent/carer are encouraged. Home life plays an active and supportive role in the child's learning. Parent evenings can take many forms and are interactive.

On enrollment you will be asked to read our home/school agreement and will be provided with information to assist with this. This ensures that our agreed rules are observed and that the unpaid time and skills shared by our staff are appreciated. Please see our policies and terms page for details of home/school agreement.

A Parent's Handbook with a list of necessary items, rules, policies etc is available to download on request.

Clothing should be appropriate for the season. Children take part in out door activities, baking, painting and clay modelling etc. They are likely to get messy. Please do not send them in their best clothes!

Items borrowed or supplied by us for your child's use at home should be treated with respect and brought to every session please, (eg recorder, diary, lesson book, handwork).

Opening circle begins at 10am. If your child is absent or unavoidably late, please contact the office and kindly respect the activities of the class by waiting until an appropriate moment to enter the classroom.