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Red River Waldorf

Admissions Policy

 Red River Waldorf Admissions Policy

Date: June 2016
Review date: June 2017

Information if you are interested in applying for a place at Red River Waldorf.

Admissions Procedure

Please follow the steps in the Admissions Procedure if you are interested in applying for a place in the Kindergarten, Middle or Upper Classes.


Step 1 Further Information

1. A) Please read the Red River Handbook or visit the website, to find out details and information about the aims and provision of this education initiative.

B) Please read the information about the costs for this educational provision.


Step 2 Contact a member of Staff

2. Following this, if you have any further questions about Admissions, please contact the appropriate person for the age group that you have an enquiry about using the Contact details below. Please do not make a un -arranged visit to the school to find out more as this can be disruptive to the class teachers and children’s learning. If enquiring by telephone, please call Monday – Friday between the hours of 4- 7 pm outside of teaching hours. Thank you very much.

Contact details

Kindergarten – Louise Batters: Email Address:

Middle Class and Upper Class - Adeline Ayers : Email Address :


Step 3 Complete an application form

3. Complete an application form at Once an Application form has been received the staff will decide whether to proceed to Step 4 of the Admission s process depending on the availability of places and an initial assessment of whether the setting could effectively support the individual needs of the child. (See SEN Policy for further details) Following this, the staff will be in contact with you to discuss further and if appropriate, arrange a time for the staff team to meet with you and your child.


Step 4 Informal Meeting

4. Meeting with Staff, parents and child. You and your child will be invited to meet with the staff team.


Step 5 Child Visit

5. Following the Informal Meeting, your child will be invited to spend a morning/afternoon or day at the setting.


Step 6 Offer of a place

6. Following the child visit, the staff team will consider all aspects of the application and make a decision as to whether a place can be offered. Children will be offered a place following the thoughtful consideration by the staff team depending on the availability of places, the additional needs of the child, the resources available in the setting to support those needs and the likely impact on the class they are joining. All admissions will be treated fairly on a non-discriminatory basis. The staff strive to create classes where all the children in the community can be well supported and enjoy their learning and experiences each day.

Special Educational needs and additional needs.

The setting aims to be inclusive and is able to accept some children with some additional needs, however the school will make a careful assessment of the needs of the child and whether it is able to support the additional needs effectively. Currently there is no extra help or support available for children with Specific learning difficulties or additional needs.