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Red River Waldorf

Our  vision



School Guardians

We endeavour to maintain strong transparency within our community and operate under the guidelines of consensus decision-making while also utilizing collaborative leadership where it is appropriate and efficient.

 Adeline Ayers  Class teacher community facilitator/coordinator

Vicky Boehm Secretary / Trustee

Louise Batters Kindergarten Guardian / Trustee

Karen Knucky - Administration

Gail Hampshire - Singing

Hetty Eaton- Classroom assistant, recorder teacher, trustee

Rosi Jolly- Art / Festival Committee/ mentor

Ruth Lovegrove- Class teacher

Agienzka Nielsluchowska  Ceramics / gardening

Josie Stone Taylor- Yoga

Naomi Smith-  Trustee

Vicky Chalmers -Website/newsletter

Nikki Jose - Class teacher

Jake Wellings - Class Teacher

Andrew Gemmill - Trustee

Morag Smith - Trustee

Chris Bevington - Maths

Barbara Mann  - Drama


Engagement within the Red River community offers support to parents in their responsibility for providing education to children who have been electively de registered from state schooling.

We deliver regular, part time educational activities for students. Each class has a strong sense of group identity within the context of the whole setting.

We attempt to make it possible for any family to participate and provide valuable possibilities for children whose social skills and emotional health are reduced in other environments.

We inspire a sense of reverence toward the self and responsibility for the world around us. We develop the abilities necessary to fulfil one’s work within the world through the acquisition of artistically expressed practical and academic skills. We acknowledge a spiritual aspect to the world.

We recognise the potential of transforming localised culture and global citizenship by nourishing all individuals in our community to strive to meet their potential consciousness and by nurturing community and environmental values.



We are fortunate to have beautiful, bright and spacious class rooms at Old Gweal An Top infant school, East End, Redruth.

  Out of doors

Our children enjoy the living willow structures, tree house, tyre swing, sand pit, chicken coop and allotment at the site and take part in community activities and maintenance at the playground. We have several experienced out door teachers and Forest School staff. We take every opportunity to learn out of doors and often go for hikes with the children. There are camping opportunities during the last week of term and the summer break.


The Gweal an Top Site

Gweal an Top is a lovely old school building dated 1903. Now a community site, it is maintained by Gwealan Tops Charity for out door play in childhood.

We have use of a large, wild out door play area and field with equipment including a sand pit, tree house, living willow construction, trees and tyre swing and a wild life pond for dipping. We also have an allotment garden.

Our main class rooms are in the school building, which is supplied by solar energy from the roof panels. We are able to make use of the free, supervised after school clubs offered by Gwealantops.

Educational program

 Topics are explored in main lesson blocks lasting about 6 weeks each which correspond to those studied in Waldorf schools. Through these topics, the key skills of numeracy and literacy are gently developed.

Each child works at their own level and meets challenges enthusiastically when ready. With the development of reading and writing, many doors open onto an exciting world of learning waiting to be explored. This structure is balanced with autonomous learning experiences.

There is a regular element of music, speech and gesture and the sessions, although structured, are relaxed and flexible. We begin the morning with a spoken verse and circle time.

Much of the learning we do is ‘hands on’, of a practical nature. Children continue to learn the recorder and yarn crafts. We learn to sing in rounds and take part in country dancing.

Woodwork and gardening feature during the main lesson themes. As much time as possible is spent out of doors and the children are responsible for looking after our chickens.


Numeracy and Literacy

Teaching follows the Waldorf approach of relating to the human being  in order to be meaningful and and provide a sense of perspective, and starting with the whole, rather than the parts. The atom was not discovered first!

A wide range of levels and learning styles are accommodated  in all groups. Form drawing acts as a precursor to the written word.  Letter forms and numbers are approached pictorially and through storytelling, and short texts that are meaningful to the children are learned and copied with care.

Maths is presented first through activity and the rhythms of the physical world rather than abstract concepts. All academic work is infused with creativity and art, incorporated into an eight weekly main lesson topic in the middle and upper groups.

Individual strengths and learning styles are nurtured and themes match the Steiner curriculum within a mixed age group.

Each child is provided with a book for their work and parents support their children's learning by continuing at home the themes of the class room.

Celebrating the Festivals

Much pleasure is taken by marking the festivals of the year. The breathing in and breathing out of the annual cycle gives rise to many opportunities for reverence and celebration. Easter, May Day, Mid Summer, Michaelmas, Martinmas and Advent are our largest festivals. Friends and family are  invited to join the children for seasonal presentations and festivities. This is an opportunity for the children to see what other classes have been learning and gain from the experience of sharing