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Red River Waldorf

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To view and download a copy of the Red River Parents Handbook, please click here.

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Red River Waldorf is run by a team of highly skilled and qualified educators who give their time for free. In addition, staff are supported by enthusiastic parents and volunteers who comprise a steering group, festival committee and class contacts. Regular steering group meetings, parents' meetings and staff development and committee meetings ensure that the structure of our provision is fairly and transparently undertaken.

Parents are required to read and agree to the following:

In order to compy with Ofsted regulations, we are required to follow certain policies and procedures. These are available for parents to view in full and can be found in the Gweal an Tops classroom and are currently being amended and updated. Details of our First Aid qualified volunteers and information about safe guarding and complains procedures are also displayed on site. Red River Waldorf is on the compulsory and voluntary register for ages 5 years and over.


Details of each child are held securely on the school premises. You will be asked to fill out and sign a full parent contract and detail record form at the time of enrollment. See below for an outline of the agreement.


Our handbook is currently being updated and, along with amended policies and procedures, will be issued to parents in time for the Autumn term.


Safe arrivals and departures

You will be asked to provide an emergency contact number for your child.

In the event of failure to collect a child, we will endeavor to contact this person after 20mins if we do not hear from you.

When leaving your child with us, you must ensure your son or daughter is handed over to the adult in charge.

We will not permit a child to be collected by any one other than you, unless previously arranged.

The car park and site is used by the community. Please be respectful of others.



You will be asked for your written consent for photographs of the children and their work, (taken during the school day) to be used responsibly by Red River for record keeping and publicity.

Waldorf Schools' Standards

In order to meet the standards of the Steiner Waldorf Schools Fellowship, we are required to include essential parts of the Waldorf curriculum. Your child will experience elements that are not common practice in state maintained schools. Please ensure you are familiar with the ethos and practices of the Waldorf curriculum. If you have any questions, we will be happy to discuss our methods and provide material to support you in developing your understanding.

Please note Red River Waldorf is known to the Department of Education and SWSF as an 'out of school' educational provision for the Waldorf Steiner inspired curriculum. Red River Waldorf is affiliated with the Steiner Waldorf Schools Fellowship and registered with Ofsted for ages 5-18 years.