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Red River Waldorf




Waldorf Education for Cornwall


 The Red River educational community provides learning and social contact for children from 7 to 18 years and their families. Based in Redruth in the centre of Cornwall, Red River is an exciting growing provision which offers an alternative to mainstream education and a warm lively community who come together to share festivals throughout the year. We have built rich links with home education groups and home educating families in Cornwall.

Our setting is also shared with Red River Steiner Kindergarten, a separate provision which is now open to children aged 3-8 years. Our pedagogy is inspired by Rudolf Steiner's view of the developmental stages of childhood.


                       'The right thing at the right time'.

At Red River, children study languages, hand craft, form drawing, science, music, art and out door learning as well as key skills in maths and English. 

Our staff include qualified subject teachers, Waldorf class teachers and experienced volunteers, all of whom take part in continual professional development.


Red River Waldorf is fully OFSTED registered and affiliated with the Steiner Waldorf Schools Fellowship


For admissions and inquiries, please email

or call our office on 07749311744

You can download an application form to apply for a place for your child by clicking here.


We feel that childhood should be joyful and unhurried, a collaboration between home, school and community.


Moral, social and environmental awareness are considered important in our school. In conjunction with the child's home life, we aim to encourage a relationship with the world which is one of understanding, belonging and meaningful involvement. 


Key aspects of our curriculum are social, creative and practical. We seek to draw out innate wisdom as a basis for knowledge.

We believe education can be a major facilitator of positive and individual social change. Our goal is to share with family and community, the education of our children.



Please note that, due to the hours of our provision and the nature of our OFSTED registration, legal  responsibility for the child's education remains with the parent and recognized by the authorities as 'home education, until our independent school registration is complete.



SATURDAY 13th May 2017,10.30am

For all families interested in places at Red River School (who do not currently have children in the school) we ask you to attend an Open Day.


This will give you an opportunity to see what we are all about and whether we might be a good fit for you as a family. Please feel free to bring your children with you on the day but be aware that they must be supervised by you at all times.  We share the site with other users who will be present on the day, so we cannot allow children to wander around.  Also, our staff will be fully focussed on being available to talk with you.


If you intend to come along to the Open Day, you must apply for a space by emailing giving the dates of birth for your child/children.  This is simply so that we can manage the numbers accessing the site. If necessary we will allocate time slots for attendance nearer the time.


Please feel free to forward this email to other families you know who might be interested.


During the Open Day you will have an opportunity to talk with our class teachers, to look at the site and the work of our current students, as well as to talk with some of the Trustees about how we operate as a community and what is expected of families who join us.  


Following the Open Day, if you are interested in applying for a place for your child/children, you must complete a registration form which is submitted with a small deposit (deducted from first invoice for fees if your child accepts a place).  Following submission of a Registration Form, if we have a relevant space available for you, we will invite you for a family interview and then, if everything seems like a good match, a trial day for your child in the class they would be joining.


We must point out that we only have limited spaces available and we will not be able to give offers of places at the Open Day itself.


We look forward to meeting you

Kindest regards, Red River Board of Trustees.