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Red River Waldorf




Waldorf Education for Cornwall


 The Red River educational community provides learning and social contact for children from 7 to 18 years and their families. Based in Redruth in the centre of Cornwall, Red River is an exciting growing provision which offers an alternative to mainstream education and a warm lively community who come together to share festivals throughout the year. We have built rich links with home education groups and home educating families in Cornwall.

Our setting is also shared with Red River Steiner Kindergarten, a separate provision which is now open to children aged 3-8 years. Our pedagogy is inspired by Rudolf Steiner's view of the developmental stages of childhood.


                       'The right thing at the right time'.

At Red River, children study languages, hand craft, form drawing, science, music, art and out door learning as well as key skills in maths and English. 

Our staff include qualified subject teachers, Waldorf class teachers and experienced volunteers, all of whom take part in continual professional development.


Red River Waldorf is fully OFSTED registered and affiliated with the Steiner Waldorf Schools Fellowship


For admissions and inquiries, please email

or call our office on 07749311744

You can download an application form to apply for a place for your child by clicking here.


We feel that childhood should be joyful and unhurried, a collaboration between home, school and community.


Moral, social and environmental awareness are considered important in our school. In conjunction with the child's home life, we aim to encourage a relationship with the world which is one of understanding, belonging and meaningful involvement. 


Key aspects of our curriculum are social, creative and practical. We seek to draw out innate wisdom as a basis for knowledge.

We believe education can be a major facilitator of positive and individual social change. Our goal is to share with family and community, the education of our children.


Children of compulsory school age
For children in the term after their 5th birthday or older, Red River is known to the Department of Education and SWSF as an ‘out of school’ educational provision for the Waldorf Steiner inspired curriculum. As such we are not restricted by the boundaries of regular school settings and are NOT a school. We operate part time with children attending 3 days a week 10am – 3.30pm. Children over compulsory school age must have either never registered with the local authority for school, or have de-registered and thus be home-educating.

Therefore the parent remains wholly responsible for providing their child with a full time education suitable –

a) to his/her age, ability and aptitude, and

b) to any special educational needs s/he may have

either by regular attendance at school, or otherwise where they are over compulsory school age. (Education act 1996 section 7)

Red River is affiliated with the Steiner Waldorf Schools Fellowship and registered with Ofsted on the Compulsory Child Register for children 5-8 years and on the Voluntary Child Register for children ages 8+ and as such we are bound by their welfare requirements.